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Movement Voter Project

At MVP, we believe in organizing and organizers. We know that the way to succeed is by working at the intersections of social movements, grassroots communities and elections.

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Billy Wimsatt
Founder and Director
Billy Wimsatt has 20 years of experience in journalism (published in Chicago Tribune and Washington Post), social entrepreneurship (co-founded several organizations including the League of Young Voters, Ready for Warren, Solidaire, and Rebuild the Dream), philanthropy (co-founded Solidaire and consults for individual donors and family foundations), and consulting (Obama Campaign, MoveOn.org, Rock the Vote, Ohio Democratic Party, Green For All).
Roger Scott
Roger executes projects with branding and storytelling at the forefront. For the past 15 years, he’s created content that’s helped Nike and Boeing bring to life visions and digital strategies for their brands; he’s imagined customer journeys for Jawbone, LVMH, and Intel; and he’s designed product experiences for Sony and Nest.

The impact of your support

We support groups that work in communities representing the true diversity of the American people: in communities of color; among working class, rural, low-income, LGBTQ, elderly and young/new voters and voters with disabilities; among students, renters, veterans, new Americans, those for whom English is a second language or isn’t spoken at all; and others who may have additional barriers or need additional support to have their voices heard in the civic process.

With your support, we can:

  • Help completely new organizing groups that fill important gaps in terms of the geographical area or demographic group they serve to get off the ground; and
  • Ensure that the best local organizations that get out the vote in communities of color can be active in this election cycle to create a more reflective democracy representing the true diversity of the American people.

Why this work is important

There are thousands of grassroots organizations and networks working toward building a true democracy — and to move the U.S. forward on issues of economic fairness, racial justice, immigrant rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, access to healthcare and environmental sustainability. But not nearly enough direct funding or individual donations go to these groups. In the meantime, over a billion dollars is spent each election cycle on TV ads and consultants. Movement Voter Project is here to change that!

Our track record

In early 2016, we spent six months consulting with over 50 experts, developing a list of local movement-building efforts — a list that continues to grow and be refined. Specifically, we sought organizations that were: trusted messengers who organize year-round on local and national issues that have deep salience to their local constituencies; rooted in the communities they serve and organize; committed to voter engagement; experienced in deploying proven high-touch, face-to-face voter organizing techniques at scale; collaborative; and known to “play well with others” organizationally. Those are the groups we work with to drive change from the ground level up.

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