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NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

Through litigation, advocacy and public education, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Inc. seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans.

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Sherrilyn Ifill
President and Director-Counsel
Sherrilyn Ifill is the seventh President and Director-Counsel of LDF. She served as an Assistant Counsel for LDF from 1988-1993, litigating voting rights cases. She left LDF to teach at the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore, where she also litigated civil rights cases alongside her students for 20 years. Ifill returned to LDF to lead the organization in 2013. She graduated from Vassar College and from New York University School of Law.
Roger Scott
Roger executes projects with branding and storytelling at the forefront. For the past 15 years, he’s created content that’s helped Nike and Boeing bring to life visions and digital strategies for their brands; he’s imagined customer journeys for Jawbone, LVMH, and Intel; and he’s designed product experiences for Sony and Nest.

The impact of your support

With the 2020 elections, the census and redistricting just months away, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) is significantly enhancing its efforts to safeguard our democracy. LDF’s nonpartisan political participation work through 2022 will require increased resources for litigation, education, policy advocacy and communications.

With your support, we can:

  • Expand the reach of our voter education and election monitoring protection to bolster political participation and combat Election Day voter suppression;
  • Create educational materials with state-specific information on registration and absentee ballot deadlines, recent changes to voting laws and acceptable forms of identification;
  • Launch a new initiative designed to identify and respond to voter suppression before Election Day;
  • File new litigation challenging voter suppression; and
  • Inform communities of color about the importance of participating in the census and the impact of redistricting.   

Why this work is important

American democracy is at a perilous moment. Institutionalized racism and voter suppression tactics across the country are threatening the right to vote and the integrity of our elections. LDF’s active voting rights lawsuits and its findings from the 2016 and 2018 elections powerfully demonstrate the significant extent of ongoing voter suppression at every phase of the voting experience. The 2020 elections are not the only democratic process in jeopardy. Our country’s toxic political climate and deep racial bias are threatening the accuracy of the 2020 census. People of color have historically been undercounted in the census, and recent attempts to add a citizenship status question could further dampen participation. Because the census provides the data relied on for government funding allocations and redistricting at all levels, it is critical that Black communities participate fully in the 2020 census.

Our track record

For 80 years, LDF has protected and advanced racial equality and the civil rights of all Americans. Over the decades, the organization has been involved in milestone voting rights litigation and employed its expertise to ensure that major civil rights laws were passed, reauthorized, protected and expanded. The collective knowledge, experience and talent of LDF staff ensure that it is well positioned to build upon the illustrious accomplishments of its predecessors to move the needle of justice ever forward.

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